Movies like the platform

Top 10 Movies like the platform To watch This Night

Movies like the platform

6. Exam (2009)
Exam portrays the life of a bunch of candidates who go through a tremendous race where they try to secure a highly sensitive and important post through getting through an unidentified test. Like the platform on which this movie was shot this movie is as unpredictable to the very last shot.

7. Coherence (2013)
Coherence is a science fiction related movie and is as confusing as the title suggests where the events taking place during a dinner becomes bizarre with the arrival of a comet. If you like films toys with the audience’s understanding of reality in a way, then Coherence will be for you.

8. The Experiment (2010)
This is a psychological thriller that aims at depicting the storyline that rooted from the Stanford prison experiment. Similar to the platform, it is about the vices of people when they are put in a position where they are challenged to the core.

9. The Platform (2019)
Why did you like the platform if not watch it again or tell someone about it? The cast and the story of this motion picture are rather ambiguous, and there are many moments which can be discussed and analyzed; therefore, it deserves to be watched twice.

10. 13 Sins (2014)
13 Sins is a thriller in which the main character gets an opportunity to become a millionaire if he completes a series of 13 tasks of growing evil. If you enjoyed the elaborate screwing around of members of the platform, just wait till you play 13 Sins.

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